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Read here what other people have experienced in various sessions.



Tantric De-armouring session


I met Rebekka on my tantric path several years ago and we have been connected ever since. Rebekka is one of the most sensitive and creative practitioners I've ever met! Her touch and presence are transformative, she touches you with her soul. Her whole body is an instrument. Her energy can move from gentleness to sharpness and focus when needed!


She can make you feel safe to be vulnerable. Her heart is fully present when she is working. You feel the dedication and years of practice and self-development when she touches you. It provides a beautiful loving space for us to open slowly and gradually.


I am very grateful that our paths have crossed Rebekka, learning and experiencing your work was very transformative for me and my personal process!

Thank you very much for the work you facilitate and for your safe presence ❤

Jan and Astrid

Tantric Couple Session


Rebekka is a very warm personality who brought us into contact with Tantra in a natural way.


She matched the session well with our wishes which we expressed in the intake interview. The session has brought us closer together and made us aware of our own inner needs.

In our relationship there is a period before and after Rebekka.

Happy Couple


Yoni-Keel Dearmouring


I came to Rebekka for a Yoni and throat dearmouring because I experienced tension in my lower abdomen, pelvic area and jaw. I know that there was traumafrom my youth and I wanted to tackle this through the body.


Rebekka explained that the pelvic area is connected to the jaw area and we worked on both.

There was a lot of attunement during the session and a safe setting that made it easy for me to open up.

The jaws in particular have improved considerably after one session and I hardly have any pain during my period.


Rebekka explained to methat in order to free all the pain points in the yoni several sessions are needed, so my next step towards full flow will be the Pelvic Intensive.


Tantric Body Dearmouring Session


Okay, I was pretty nervous about my first session. I had no experience with body dearmouring or tantra and I had a kind of healthy tension about not knowing exactly what could come up, and I'm someone who likes to know things like that in advance.


I did gain confidence through a conversation with Rebekka beforehand. What comes loose is different for everyone, but it is never more than the person can handle. In addition, I felt very safe and familiar with Rebekka. Throughout the session I felt that we were doing it together, that support felt good.


After the session I felt more like myself and I felt good about myself as well. I was given exercises that ensure that I could recall that feeling and give more connection to my body.


Rebekka is a sweetheart and I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work on themselves through the body, or is just looking for more enrichment.



Dearmouring Session


Rebekka provides a safe and comfortable space that allowed me to sink deep into my pent-up emotions and give me the security to let go. A real opening experience. Thank you!

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