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When everything flows

you're at home


For everyone who wants to get in touch with their full orgasmic potential, and thereby tackle all blockages, inhibitions, limiting beliefs and negative emotions such as guilt, fear and shame.

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Bringing you back in touch with your

powerful sexual energy, allow it to fully flow through your body and work with this energy so that you can use it for all facets in your life.



Sessions that increase body awareness. Sessions that activate, invite, recollect and open the body.

In these sessions we look for blockages in the entire body.

Sometimes you feel like you are missing something in your relationship, you long to experience more depth in love and in intimacy.

In this session we explore the path of flowing love and connection in all areas of the relationship.

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Yoni -Throat Dearmoring

150 min | 200 euros

"When falling becomes flying you are free! "

We have experienced this


Very transformative for me and my personal process.


Because of the Pelvic Release session I hardly have any pain during my menstruation.

Happy Couple

For our relationship there is a period before and after Rebekka.

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