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This is me

I know on a deep level what it is like to feel enormous energy in my body, but also to hold back and repress. So intense that I felt like I was about to explode.

From childhood I was already aware of this enormously powerful energy that flowed through my body, I hád to move, I was very alive and discovering.

And soon this was constrained, slowed down and I was taught to keep calm, adjust and act normal! For years I tried to hold back this energy, to make it smaller, to look for other ways out, but the frustration only got bigger and my zest for life diminished.

This changed when I started working on myself, got more in touch with my body through tantra, body dearmouring, sexual transformation,

breathwork, meditation, etc. All these currents and methods have ensured that my body found its way back to more expansion, openness, enjoyment, liveliness and intensity.

This life-force energy is not only in me but in all of us. However, the reverse of what I have experienced can also be the case, that the energy has remained "dormant" for whatever reason. This can cause you to experience exhaustion, fatigue, depression and lack of zest for life. This energy also plays an important role in other aspects of your life such as a lowered libido, sexual surrender and the liveliness in your intimate relationships.

I am happy to guide you on the way to more expansion, orgasmic awareness and freedom!


My teachers and sources of inspiration include:

Kaya Jiwan - Robell - Nirav Beej Tantra Temple - Susanne Roursgaard - Nuno Rosa - Dean Matuka - Sanna Sanita

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